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Metaphysical Creation - from the COSMIC HEART:

Figure 1.1: An illustration of the Sufi concept of abolishment originally depicted in “The Sufi Interpretation of Joseph Story”, but this can at the same time beautifully demonstrate the concept of metaphysical creation of space by the single monad. The abstract point is the Single Monad which is continuously inflating and deflating to create and re-create all matter and space.

"There is no doubt that the forms become nonexistent in the second instance-of-time after the instance of their coming into existence. Therefore, the Real is continuously watching over the world of bodies and substances, such that whenever a form through which they manifest becomes nonexistent, He creates at that same instance another form, alike or opposite to it, which is what preserves it from vanishing out of existence. The Real is continuously creating the world at every instance of time, and the world is continuously in need of Him." Ibn al-Arabi - The Meccan Revelations