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Most of these introductory articles are exracted from Volume I of the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos: Ibn al-Arabi's View of Time and Creation... more on this can be found here.

Why the Speed of Light is Constant?

For most physicists, there is no fundamental explanation as to why the speed of light is invariant and that nothing can ever travel faster than light, but it is considered an axiom that has been experimentally verified but not yet proved in any philosophical way.

Logically, there are two cases under which a quantity does not increase or decrease when we add to or subtract something from it. Either this quantity in infinite, or it exists in orthogonal dimension. Both these cases are correct for the speed of light!

The speed of light is originally infinite (or indefinite, to be more precise), and this can be even deduced from time dilation and space contraction (so for light we have dx/dt=0/0), but the reason why we measure a finite value of it is because of the sequential re-creation of space (which is one of the principles of the Single Monad Model and Duality of Time Theory); so individual observers are subject to the time lag during which the dimensions of space are being re-created. Moreover, since the normal time is now genuinely imaginary, a more detailed mathematical treatment will show that the velocity of physical objects are always orthogonal onto the real speed (of creation) that is the speed of light.

The other two principles of special and general relativity can also be deduced from the Duality of Time Theory. Please see this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMLZIr7dWLo .

The science of Time is a noble science, that reveals the secret of Eternity. Only the Elites of Sages may ever come to know this secret. It is called the First Age, or the Age of ages, from which time is emerging.
Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: Volume I, page 156. - Trns. Mohamed Haj Yousef]

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I have no doubt that this is the most significant discovery in the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, ever!

This unique understanding of geometry will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

Enjoy reading... , all the Best !

Mohamed bin Ali Haj Yousef

Check this detailed video presentation on "Deriving the Principles of Special, General and Quantum Relativity Based on the Single Monad Model Cosmos and Duality of Time Theory".

Download the Book "DOT: The Duality of Time Postulate and Its Consequences on General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics".

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