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Amazon Book Reviews for Ultimate Symmetry

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Review by: Phil Bolos

Dense, intense, but also very interesting

February 9, 2019

Ultimate Symmetry: Fractal Complex - Time, the Incorporeal World and Quantum Gravity by Mohamed Haj Yousef takes us into the scientific and spiritual worlds to determine whether or not there is an ultimate symmetry that explains and unifies all. To be honest, this book is intense. Just reading the brief description of it on Amazon was a workout. But, I found some of the topics that were brought up reminded me of a few books I had read a few years ago by Brian Greene. Dr. Greene believes that String Theory is the answer to the question of Ultimate Symmetry, or the unifying theory. What I found was that there are many similarities here, that this theory calls into question and uses other theories such as gravity and relativity. But what this does that the other theories does not is consider the spiritual side, that the world we are living in is really more of a dream state than anything else and that we can not learn beyond what is here until we embrace the fact that we are not seeing everything. This is an interesting take, and it opens the possibilities to God, an afterlife, and many other ideas that have thus far gone unproven. While I was reading this, I found myself having to stop and do some research in order to make sure that I was fully understanding what I was reading. While I can't say that I fully grasped everything, I will say that I walked away with lots to think about and a plethora of new knowledge. Definitely worth the read, but go into it knowing that your brain is about to get a serious workout.

Review by: Mercedes Diaz

Buckle Up, It’s A Deep Look At Close to Home Concepts

February 12, 2019

Ultimate Symmetry is part of an ongoing series that takes advanced scientific concepts and breaks them down for those of us who aren’t super geniuses. The material is understandable; although you don’t always get away from the lengthy scientific jargon, they do make sure to explain some things as they go along. Occasionally, you’ll have to Google a term or two.

However, the concept explored here is the possibility of unity. Is there one great unifying tie or tether between everything? That goes far beyond the general “we’re all one” idea, and steps into the spiritual reality as well. Are we all one with a spiritual entity or entities? Do physical restrictions and laws like gravity offer any proof of this?

It’s a lot to handle, so I recommend reading this in short bursts. I took it about five or ten pages at a time; then I’d set it down and mull over the information for an hour or two before picking it up again. No doubt, this is a book I’ll have to read more than once, but it’s a fascinating dive into aspects of science that many people don’t like to discuss.

Review by: Catherine Grainger

Thought provoking ideas and complicated concepts

February 23, 2019

ULTIMATE SYMMETRY: Fractal Complex-Time, the Incorporeal World and Quantum Gravity (The Single Monad Model of The Cosmos Book 3) by author Mohamed Haj Yousef is definitely not a light read, but it is extremely thought provoking and the complicated concepts that Yousef delves into will take your mind into uncharted territories. I found that I had little to no understanding of what he was discussing, at first. But, by the time I finished the book, the ideas were more clear, actually made sense, and caused me to want to learn more. I do feel that I should probably have read the previous books in the series first though.

The science of Time is a noble science, that reveals the secret of Eternity. Only the Elites of Sages may ever come to know this secret. It is called the First Age, or the Age of ages, from which time is emerging.
Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: Volume I, page 156. - Trns. Mohamed Haj Yousef]

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Message from the Author:

I have no doubt that this is the most significant discovery in the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, ever!

This unique understanding of geometry will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

Enjoy reading... , all the Best !

Mohamed bin Ali Haj Yousef

Check this detailed video presentation on "Deriving the Principles of Special, General and Quantum Relativity Based on the Single Monad Model Cosmos and Duality of Time Theory".

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paraphrased from: Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: II.677.12 - trsn. Mohamed Haj Yousef]