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Time Chest

Single Monad Model of the Cosmos The purpose of this book is to explain the mystery of time in a modest language away from any complex mathematical formulation or hefty philosophical pondering. All the new conceptions about time and creation are extracted from the "Single Monad Model of the Cosmos" developed by the author, based on Ibn al-Arabi's theory of the "Oneness of Being". The details of this cosmological model, and all associated principles and consequences, have been published in three-volumes book series that described this revolutionary view of time and its philosophical and ontological foundations, comparing all that with the concluding results of modern scientific theories.










Eternity: ab ante - a post


This book is a translation, with extensive annotation, of one of Ibn al-Arabi's key treatises on the subject of time, called: kitab al-azal (the book of Eternity). In this book, Ibn al-Arabi elaborates on the different philosophical opinions on the subject of eternity and how it applies to divinity. He then explains his own unique concept and relate it to our concept of time.
Expected in June 2019.  











The White Pearl

white pearl

This is a translation of Ibn al-Arabi's book of ad-Durrat-ul-Bayda. We quoted this book many times in the Single Monad of the Cosmos book series, and here we present a full translation with extensive annotation. In this short book, Ibn al-Arabi comments on the various names and descriptions of the Single Monad, relating all that to the concept of time and pre-existence of the World in the divine fore-knowledge, before it is brought into actual existence in the outward corporeal and incorporeal dimensions, via the White Pearl, one of the important symbolic names of the Single Monad..
Expected in July 2019.











The Sun from the West

sun of west

This is a translation of Shams -ul-Maghrib: Biography of the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and His Doctrine. See this dedicated website.
Expected by the end of 2019.











The Meccan Revelations

meccan revelations

This life-long project is a translation of Ibn al-Arabi's book of al-futuhat al-makkiyya. Please check this dedicated website.
Expected to take many years.  










Temporal Numbers (Scheduled)

white pearl

The profound implications of the Duality of Time propagate into mathematics and number theory, because it delineates the fundamental edifice of geometry. ... all kinds of objects in creation are nothing but temporal numbers, and no truthful calculus can be performed without taking into account their relativistic nature.








The science of Time is a noble science, that reveals the secret of Eternity. Only the Elites of Sages may ever come to know this secret. It is called the First Age, or the Age of ages, from which time is emerging.
Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: Volume I, page 156. - Trns. Mohamed Haj Yousef]

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Message from the Author:

I have no doubt that this is the most significant discovery in the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, ever!

This unique understanding of geometry will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

Enjoy reading... , all the Best !

Mohamed bin Ali Haj Yousef

Check this detailed video presentation on "Deriving the Principles of Special, General and Quantum Relativity Based on the Single Monad Model Cosmos and Duality of Time Theory".

Download the Book "DOT: The Duality of Time Postulate and Its Consequences on General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics".

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The time of anything is its presence; but I am not in time, and You are not in time; so I am Your time, and You are my time!
Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: III.546.16 - tans. Mohamed Haj Yousef]