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Complex-Time Geometry and Perpetual Creation of Space

by Mohamed Haj Yousef

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I would like to express my truthful gratitude to my master Prof. Ramadan Subhi Deeb, of Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation in Damascus, for his continuous support and inspirational insights that he always offered to me throughout the course of this long research over the past two decades. My sincere appreciation and thanks are also due to Prof. James W. Morris, of Boston College, who supervised me in the University of Exeter during the Ph.D. project that lead to the Single Monad Model which produced the Duality of Time Theory.

I would like also to express my gratitude to Said Foundation for the scholarship that allowed me to start my study at Cambridge University, where I originally started this long research in my free time.

Finally, this work would not have been possible without the peaceful and positive environment that I enjoyed during my work at the United Arab Emirates University, which allowed me to use my extra time in writing and researching.


Mohamed bin Ali Haj Yousef

Sunday, December 31, 2017

United Arab Emirates University

Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates

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  • ... Single Monad =>:

  • ... ities in the Universe are continuously created anew every single instance of time, one entity at a time, so that at every real instance there is only one indivisible real entity that is the Single Monad, and all other imaginary entities are its temporal and instantaneous images. In other w ...

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  • ... indications and overwhelming proofs that gradually accumulated over time, it would have been impossible to pursue this long research path, as it is extremely challenging to appreciate this UNFATHOMABLE SECRET of time and ongoing perpetual creation. Ultimately, this theory does not only ex ...

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  • ... duces a granular and self-contained Euclidean space-time, without invoking Riemannian geometry. This complex time-time geometry according to the Duality of Time Theory is genuine, and not a SIMPLE MATHEMATICAL trick as it is normally treated in modern physics theories. In the dynamic proce ...

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  • ... lex-time geometry, but in lower dimensions: , , and , while gravity is in . As a result of this unification, most, if not all, of the major fundamental problems of physics and cosmology are EASILY SOLVE d in this model. The homogeneity problem, for example, will instantly cease, since the u ...

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Message from the Author:

I have no doubt that this is the most significant discovery in the history of mathematics, physics and philosophy, ever!

By revealing the mystery of the connection between discreteness and contintuity, this novel understanding of the complex (time-time) geometry, will cause a paradigm shift in our knowledge of the fundamental nature of the cosmos and its corporeal and incorporeal structures.

Enjoy reading...

Mohamed Haj Yousef

Check this detailed video presentation on "Deriving the Principles of Special, General and Quantum Relativity Based on the Single Monad Model Cosmos and Duality of Time Theory".

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